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11:14 pm, Thursday 28th July, 2016 

Jennifer Grey

Jennifer has had benign M.S. since the age of twenty, but she is nonetheless a cheerful and optimistic lady.

When I was diagnosed with M.S., I felt somewhat relieved that it wasnt cancer. I was just relieved that I wouldnt die from M.S. Jennifer finds the service very valuable, as she enjoys a busy lifestyle. Swimming is very important to me as it helps ease the effects of M.S., and my P.A. takes me there, as well as taking me shopping and going out for coffee.

Jennifer would love to help other people to come to term with their M.S. and the challenges they will face. She has carried out extensive research on M.S. and has even made her own booklet about it.

Her advice to others with M.S. is: dont let it get to you.

Dont let it take over your life.

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